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Buttonwood P.o.s.h. 2008
Buttonwood P.o.s.h. 2008
Category: Dessert Wine
Region: California » Central Coast » Santa Ynez Valley
Producer: Buttonwood
Not currently available.


As urban legend has it, the initials P.O.S.H. stand for "Port out, starboard home," a term that denotes the best (away from the sun) cabin position for British passengers sailing between home and India. It was a posh way to travel, you see, because only the wealthy could afford the arrangement. Whether or not this word origin is genuine or a legend, posh has undeniably come to mean sumptuous and luxurious- which perfectly describes this decadently rich dessert wine. From gorgeous dark garnet hues to its velvety texture and anise/framboise/dried berry flavors, P.o.s.h. exudes richness and elegance. And the warm lingering finish just goes on and on and on… We suggest serving P.o.s.h with a selection of hard and blue cheeses, dried fruit, almonds and chocolate at the start or end of a meal … if you can wait that long.

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